If you like to contribute to this project please read the following guides.

Django Code

To install all requirements for development and testing, you can use the provided requirements file.

$ make devinstall

Testing the code

django-livewatch uses py.test for testing. Please ensure that all tests pass before you submit a pull request. py.test also runs PEP8 and PyFlakes checks on every run.

This is how you execute the tests and checks from the repository root directory.

$ make tests

If you want to generate a coverage report, you can use the following command.

$ make coverage

Or if you want to generate a HTML version of the coverage report, use the following command.

$ make coverage-html

The generated HTML files are located in the htmlcov folder.


django-livewatch uses Sphinx for documentation. You find all the source files in the docs/source folder.

To update/generate the HTML output of the documentation, use the following command:

$ make docs

Please make sure that you don’t commit the build files inside docs/build.